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Youth Music

Youth Music Showcase

We have a new concert series called the Youth Music Showcase! It began in October 2019, and was created to provide local student musicians with regular performance opportunity and support from the community. Aiming to occur monthly, the showcases are always on Fridays, and start at 7 pm. You can find out about upcoming shows on our Calendar page, or on our Facebook events page!

The current director, Devon Harvey, is a performing musician and college student pursuing a degree in music.

Past Performers



Zane & Noah Hornick

Sarah Hotchkiss



Michael Robertson

Banana Soup




Casey Sorrenson

Sarah Hotchkiss

Metal Caskett



Black Strap Mauraders

Unnamed Band

We are postponing all scheduled music events until further notice due to concerns about COVID-19. Thank you to all who have been supporting our local youth musicians- they will need your support when we are able to get things back up and running, so stay tuned!

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact the current event director to get more info about the Youth Music Showcases and sign-up!

Current Director: Devon Harvey

Phone: (415) 717-4211

Email: devonharvey.purple@gmail.com