adorable photos coming soon!


Our two bearded dragons are almost like Revolution 9's mascots! We have Puff (left) and Magic (right). Puff has been a beloved member of the R9 family for 13 years! Puff spends most of his time lounging around his home under his heat lamp and enjoying grubs!

Magic joined our coven 3 years ago. Her favorite snacks are fresh greens and blueberries, as well as delicious crickets and grubs!

"They are my best friends, but
I don't think I am their best friend."
- Devon, R9 Employee


Our two chinchillas are the newest members to our R9 family. Helga and Rowena take their names from the founders of two Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. They both love to snack on fresh hay, and rolling around in their dust baths. They are still getting adjusted to life in the shop, but we are so happy to have them apart of our family!

"10/10 would cuddle again and again."
- Devon, R9 Employee
adorable photos coming soon!


Our resident skink is Smaug, a dangerously cute beast who most people mistake for an oddly fat snake. Friendly and familiar with the art of escape, Smaug has been a treasured member of the family for 5 years. Although he can be grumpy in the morning when breakfast is served and disturbs his beauty sleep, he is a sweetheart and fascinates visitors from far and wide.

"He legs make me laugh."
- Devon, R9 Employee


Last but not least, our 13 year old gecko Jeremy. He has been apart of the R9 family since the shop opened in 2007! He is a master at hide-and-seek, although the games are never really fair since he is always the one that hides.

Once you spot him, most likely lounging on his branch or on the wall of his home, he will stun you with his adorable looks. Acting like a prince when he is hand-fed, he enjoys mashed up vitamins and blueberries, as well as baby food.

"My buddy; my dude; my guy."
- Devon, R9 Employee