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Emilia Hernandez

For young Artists Ages 10-14 

Every Tuesday beginning March 5, 3:30-5pm

drop-in: $25 per class or 5 classes for $100

Open Enrollment! Come any week!

 Emilia Hernandez is a passionate young artist from San Geronimo Valley. She loves to make all

kinds of art, but her heart is for painting and drawing. She is currently an art major student at

College of Marin.

This painting class will consist of learning basics and how to harness that knowledge to express

yourself through art. Student will learn to use and mix colors, paint people, objects, landscapes

and whatever else they may be interested in painting. There will be instructional lessons each week

followed by creative projects. 

Supplies You’ll Need:

● Canvas Pad (no smaller than 9” by 12”)

● Acrylic Paint Set (small tubes of red, blue, yellow, white, black, etc.)

● Acrylic paint brush set (small, medium, large sizes)

● An open and creative mind

● Clothes to paint in (don’t wear your favorite shirt and be sad when you get paint on it)

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